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Violence against women, girls, non binary people, and other marginalised genders is a pandemic of epic proportion. The stats are horrifying, and sadly women, non binary people, and other marginalized genders within the Spoken Word community are no less susceptible to those who perpetuate these crimes than anyone else. 

There is a clear and urgent need to develop recommended policies and procedures around safeguarding for promoters and others who work in positions of power and responsibility in the Spoken Word community to reference should they need to.  

Having carefully thought out protocols to follow should allegations of abuse and/or violent crimes be made gives those in positions of authority the option, and the ability to better safeguard women and girls; especially when allegations are made about members of staff, peers, and/or other members of the community. 

With no central/regulated body, no HR Department, and no Union, women, non binary people, and other marginalized genders who are a part of the Spoken Word community experiencing any form of violence or abuse have no direct line of reporting; and no central access point to information and services. Safe Spoken aims to change this with immediate effect.

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